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Drug program teen treatment

Drug program teen treatment
From: Gura
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Added:10 months ago
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Lol, I?m just killing time looking after my new born.

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Drug program teen treatment

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Goltigis 10 months ago
OK that's the way they go saying another thing
Dolmaran 10 months ago
So then move it to the "Entertainment" section...
Yojind 10 months ago
Yeah, he fired her.
Mikus 10 months ago
What does that mean?
Mazulrajas 9 months ago
Good morning Lovely Rita. And everyone else.
Akira 9 months ago
I'd rather play Johnny Rebel instead.
Mazurr 9 months ago
He didn't say he was so great.
Nalabar 9 months ago
Now that is funny.
Mazulmaran 9 months ago
I don?t accept arbitrary rules, like you.
Kagore 9 months ago
I like to pretend I'm clever
Nedal 8 months ago
One has to tell the truth sometimes!
Zulkilar 8 months ago
Just waiting for the goat show.??
Gonos 8 months ago
You are repeating yourself.
Meztir 8 months ago
a shot in the dark
Kesar 7 months ago
ya could be - or not...depends
Kezil 7 months ago
Shooting stray cats is a community service.
Sazil 7 months ago
Is kneeling disrespect and standing respect? How come?
Vudozil 7 months ago
Den think about me..
Moogugor 6 months ago
That's fvckin' ridiculous. ;)
Datilar 6 months ago
no it is not
Bragor 6 months ago
Two lines, four mistakes. Congratulations.
Kisar 6 months ago
He never has before!
Vizshura 6 months ago
Which still falls under the topic of Religion.
Kagasho 6 months ago
said the bald guy
Vokinos 5 months ago
Rosie is ugly and not very bright.
Meztizahn 5 months ago
They infiltrated the charter schools, eh?
Kigazahn 5 months ago
The Hindu ritualustic marriage dates are in November 2018
Jukasa 5 months ago
I'll close the book after it's written.
Faejinn 5 months ago
yes, you were wrong
Kazizuru 5 months ago
Of course I mean it.

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