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How to fuck over a democrat

How to fuck over a democrat
From: Mauzahn
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Added:10 months ago
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I will stop distrusting the police when they stop gunning down civs. Seems fair

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How to fuck over a democrat
How to fuck over a democrat
How to fuck over a democrat
How to fuck over a democrat

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Kazilkis 10 months ago
Well no name calling either!!
Dalmaran 10 months ago
No. Gun control is FAR from country wide. Next?
Vit 10 months ago
Not interested in doing your homework for you.
Necage 10 months ago
It all got started w/a few people complaining. Yes,
Bazil 9 months ago
?????>??????>??????>? One day I?ll achieve glory ??????
Malagor 9 months ago
Because he cannot get up much less off?
Tygozuru 9 months ago
I wonder how they do quality control???
Goktilar 9 months ago
Trickle-down mathematics, right? From the Trumpian fantasy universe?
Togar 9 months ago
Yes some people are very gullible.
Gall 9 months ago
Makes for very difficult Thanksgiving Dinners.
Volkis 8 months ago
Sorry, did I stay too on topic for you?
Shakataur 8 months ago
Hey Jae Girl welcome to the fun
Moogutilar 8 months ago
You look so beautiful ..
Malajinn 8 months ago
Forgive me for not reading your propaganda BS.
Bragor 8 months ago
I'm unfamiliar with the redhead.
Vikinos 8 months ago
More academic than religious.
Mazugor 7 months ago
a bunch of human cells
Torn 7 months ago
A fool offended is an open door.
Yolabar 7 months ago
Refute what I posted moron.
Nabar 7 months ago
and you seem so nice--- looks can be deceiving
Samura 7 months ago
You should watch the video before commenting.
Jurg 7 months ago
Hahaha thanks I was looking out for ya!
Megar 6 months ago
Glad we could chat. Regards

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