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Well, I appreciate that you said this in a respectful way, so thank you for that. The way you have approached this is different compared to some other supposed Christians here and really thank you. I understand that you may believe that he is evil, but it really is not the case. My relationship with him has shown that he is a kind and caring friend as well as a teacher. I was raised as a Christian but I was going through a lot of hardships, and it is not the Christian God that has helped me. In fact, I felt lonely and abandoned, and it wasn't until I became a Luciferian that things have changed for me. But thank you for sharing your view, and may you be blessed.

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Nude beaches antics spain
Nude beaches antics spain

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Malagul 6 months ago
The black sheep of my family.
Kerg 6 months ago
it doesn't even take a bronze.
Golar 6 months ago
You're not making sense.
Tauktilar 6 months ago
You must be muslim.
Faelmaran 6 months ago
She can hold a candle and...
Akinot 5 months ago
And the solution is? Submission?
Zukora 5 months ago
@disqus_sLGL2SjQaz tagging myself worked lol
Vulabar 5 months ago
And the unhealthy obsession continues.
Faelrajas 5 months ago
I think we know that most dont choose that.
Faezil 5 months ago
- I'm Not Israel.
Vuzshura 5 months ago
Haha, Oook...I certainly will.??
Brakasa 4 months ago
Celebrating the summer weekends as only
Kamuro 4 months ago
I will not allow that
Daigar 4 months ago
Please clearly state your question or purpose for discussion.
Akizahn 4 months ago
Are you sure it's statement ?
Tuzragore 4 months ago
I know guys like this as well.
Grobar 4 months ago
That's scripture, not evidence. Surely you know the difference?
Arashill 3 months ago
perfect equivalent; Legal but immoral and corrupt
Tegul 3 months ago
The President is doing a great job!
Tojakora 3 months ago
Been looking in the mirror again CC?
Shaktikus 3 months ago
Is anyone even watching the game?
Dur 3 months ago
S T O L E N !!!!!!!
Yoramar 2 months ago
"What's wrong with that?"
Moogurg 2 months ago
Funny Man . ? ? ? ? ?
Nude beaches antics spain

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