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Gay celebritys who is who not
Gay celebritys who is who not
Gay celebritys who is who not

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Majinn 9 months ago
This and Chris has a recipe
Tygozilkree 9 months ago
The Dark Ages of Disqus. LOL
Akinozragore 9 months ago
Funny...Catholics say the same about Protestants and Evangelicals.
Dasho 8 months ago
"that breeds more that want sumtin for nutin"
Shakar 8 months ago
You said that you went to his church.
Karg 8 months ago
ok? So diverting away from that are you .
Dougul 8 months ago
I'd rather he be recalled.
Kajicage 7 months ago
Uh yeah, better him
Arara 7 months ago
Yes and we know why that happened too!
Faenos 7 months ago
Winter Soldier and Doctor strange too
Fegore 7 months ago
So what if it's written?
Zulkishura 6 months ago
Or some grass... Sod is expensive in CA...
Kazrajinn 6 months ago
We don't reject the existence of evil.
Gay celebritys who is who not

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