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Gay celebritys who is who not
Gay celebritys who is who not
Gay celebritys who is who not

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Majinn 11 months ago
This and Chris has a recipe
Tygozilkree 11 months ago
The Dark Ages of Disqus. LOL
Akinozragore 11 months ago
Funny...Catholics say the same about Protestants and Evangelicals.
Dasho 11 months ago
"that breeds more that want sumtin for nutin"
Shakar 10 months ago
You said that you went to his church.
Karg 10 months ago
ok? So diverting away from that are you .
Dougul 10 months ago
I'd rather he be recalled.
Kajicage 9 months ago
Uh yeah, better him
Arara 9 months ago
Yes and we know why that happened too!
Faenos 9 months ago
Winter Soldier and Doctor strange too
Fegore 9 months ago
So what if it's written?
Zulkishura 8 months ago
Or some grass... Sod is expensive in CA...
Kazrajinn 8 months ago
We don't reject the existence of evil.
Gay celebritys who is who not

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