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Longest time without masturbation

Longest time without masturbation
From: Telmaran
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Added:2 months ago
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They are assumed to be true without proof, this is the definition of an assumption (see OED).

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Longest time without masturbation
Longest time without masturbation
Longest time without masturbation

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Shazilkree 2 months ago
lol LOL lol Oh, Honey lol cute :o)
Faekree 2 months ago
She most certainly enjoyed your joke.
Taule 2 months ago
:) luv him. Someday I?ll see the movie
Shakashakar 2 months ago
so offering a different point of view is bad?
Morr 2 months ago
Great, pass it on to your
Vudora 2 months ago
Functionally, yes: it?s nonexistent
Maugor 1 month ago
Not sure what cooked seagull taste like, lol!
Shaktir 1 month ago
Young Frankenstein...had to google Y ??????
Grogrel 1 month ago
Your still much younger than me, I'm 35
Kazragore 1 month ago
If Christianity were true, would you become a Christian?
Malashakar 1 month ago
Where is your lawn?
Kigajora 1 month ago
I wasn't quoting you.
Daizahn 4 weeks ago
hahahah music lover :D
Nabei 3 weeks ago
And just what took place-or do you know?
Yora 1 week ago
Your god is lame and bad for our species.
Mojinn 1 week ago
Grammar: Chianti, Fava beans, and Clarice.
Vilkree 6 days ago
I'm not sure what that means.
Goktilar 4 days ago
Ha ha! You support crooks and lawlessness.
Longest time without masturbation

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