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Zolomi 8 months ago
Why do you seek truth?
Mubar 8 months ago
I think the greenies made the difference there.
Melabar 8 months ago
Your face looks evil.
Fenrikasa 8 months ago
Big foot in disguise eh? I knew it!!!
Bamuro 8 months ago
From a botched curcumcision. Wow.
Moogukasa 7 months ago
I'm riding the crest in Clear Lake with Avenatti!
Arashilmaran 7 months ago
Why are you changing the argument now?
Kitaur 7 months ago
Straighten your porch lamp, stupid!
Kazrakazahn 7 months ago
The Constitution protects it.
Grokus 7 months ago
Sure girl...excuses excuses! The poor boys are depressed now...LOL
Nekus 7 months ago
Is that Chrystia Freeland?
Kazizahn 6 months ago
Some epic stories do.
Kitaxe 6 months ago
Its funny...cuz its true! Lol
Samulmaran 6 months ago
Thank you. Now your replies will be on record.
Dumi 6 months ago
Just waking up and you??
Vozahn 6 months ago
It might be! Does he sport a beard?
Doshakar 6 months ago
Now you're just buttering me up.
Brasar 5 months ago
Are all of these students Anarchists?
Dak 5 months ago
Love you too. :P
Vuzahn 5 months ago
HOW do you define a good person ?
Vudoll 5 months ago
A new prince who needs money?
Voodooramar 5 months ago
M's sexy. :-p
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