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This is a *public* issue. We can't get anywhere trying to read the minds of those who hired her despite (on their own account) having full knowledge of her tweets. The NYT and Ms. Jeong have given us *their* explanations which is all we have to determine the merits of their position, not hypotheticals like "maybe they didn't really know x or y." No, they SAY they knew x and y, case closed.

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Surprice cum inside her
Surprice cum inside her
Surprice cum inside her

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Tauran 10 months ago
I understand most of those words individually.
Nelkree 10 months ago
And what is your point in all of that?
Goltibei 10 months ago
Mine too but Boston is bad ass
Kale 10 months ago
I'm getting my tubes tied.
Kazrashicage 10 months ago
No doubt that will be their argument.
Arashizragore 9 months ago
Jesus said zero about homosexuality.
Keran 9 months ago
I don't. So the cork will whack him? :D
Tagar 9 months ago
I wonder what you're referring to.
Akinogore 9 months ago
I've edited my last comment.
Talrajas 9 months ago
And your evidence backing this up?
Arashirg 9 months ago
Thanks for the encouragement.
Vitilar 9 months ago
It's genetic...she gets it from her daddy: Bernie
Surprice cum inside her

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