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Added:11 months ago
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This poll shows the ignorant muslims vs learned Muslims regarding their religion, because Sharia is not a word of God or it would be a Quran and sacred while this is not the case. It's a man understanding to the word of God (Quran), The word of prophet (Sunnah) and the word of scholars (consensus). There is no book called Sharia, it's a changeable set of laws and differ from country to country, from sect to sect and changed with time according to changing of conditions with time. It's just like any other set of laws around the world dealing with politics, social issues, economic, and religious and the civil rights matters. That's it.

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Free modeling for teens
Free modeling for teens

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Toshura 11 months ago
Thanks. I hope the others with do the same.
Maujinn 11 months ago
OK let me start
Gur 11 months ago
So, how did life originate?
Fenrill 11 months ago
They have a ?secret? ingredient. Hintidy hint hint hint
Kamuro 11 months ago
Lots of people believe that it's literally true.
Shakataur 10 months ago
I'll bet he prayed for bigger "hands".
Muramar 10 months ago
I'm good. What do you mean by fish
Kagazuru 10 months ago
Did anyone ask you?
Gak 10 months ago
Really? Wow. Glad you could tell.
Maumi 10 months ago
Or the tiny porsche or corvette they drive too.
Faukree 10 months ago
I see I made a good choice
Gardajar 9 months ago
Except Native Americans, their DNA isn't linked.
Malajin 9 months ago
Yeah, I can't wait.
Nebar 9 months ago
Walking the tightrope ?
Dokazahn 9 months ago
Don't forget the free pony.
Mijar 9 months ago
Good post I agree 100%.
Brazil 8 months ago
Would take the one on left to dinner :-)))
Grogul 8 months ago
And not with the constitution?
Yozshull 8 months ago
OK. I give up.
Goran 8 months ago
Interdimensional beings can't also be micro-managers? /grin
Kara 8 months ago
Belarus economy is incredibly weak..
Gotilar 8 months ago
I should hope not haha
Akimi 8 months ago
Does robbing usually land someone in jail?
Nekinos 8 months ago
Liar, now refute what I posted coward
Mauzragore 7 months ago
"Obama divided Americans in every way he could"
Kajizilkree 7 months ago
Rolling on the floor
Free modeling for teens

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