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Gugami 8 months ago
NBC is the enemy. The NYT is the enemy.
Faushicage 7 months ago
Lots of rape and haughtiness.
Tadal 7 months ago
go away Democrat Nazi boy...
Nelkree 7 months ago
My poor goat, he is really doing the rounds...????????
Mijar 7 months ago
Why do you think it's great?
Sazahn 7 months ago
I?m considering claiming Decent as a dependent.
JoJorg 7 months ago
The citations are on Infowars....
Dosho 7 months ago
Yea, it really lived up to the manga??
Akikora 7 months ago
I've already covered this.
Virn 6 months ago
Watch the birds fly and the fish swim.
Brazshura 6 months ago
And they were just as right as the Christians.
Vimuro 6 months ago
It's also called wishful thinking and bull in English.
Vom 6 months ago
Your Desperation is showing CC..............
Meztiran 6 months ago
You have nothing to fear, from me.
Goltigul 5 months ago
I can't see how that would happen.
Zulkitaxe 5 months ago
Which part of Florida? I used to live there
Nebei 5 months ago
Maybe you, but not I!
Malasar 5 months ago
No compliments for oBOMBo ...
Malagore 5 months ago
Ikr? but I still luvs him!
Moogulabar 4 months ago
I wouldn't touch a pedophile priest either. Would you?
Zulrajas 4 months ago
How about an apology.
Dizragore 4 months ago
I doubt you are wealthy. Why?
Tojazahn 4 months ago
That's what I thought.
Molmaran 4 months ago
Krystal Boyd looks good in stockings
Shahn 4 months ago
70 of us are irrational?

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