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Gugami 10 months ago
NBC is the enemy. The NYT is the enemy.
Faushicage 10 months ago
Lots of rape and haughtiness.
Tadal 10 months ago
go away Democrat Nazi boy...
Nelkree 9 months ago
My poor goat, he is really doing the rounds...????????
Mijar 9 months ago
Why do you think it's great?
Sazahn 9 months ago
I?m considering claiming Decent as a dependent.
JoJorg 9 months ago
The citations are on Infowars....
Dosho 9 months ago
Yea, it really lived up to the manga??
Akikora 9 months ago
I've already covered this.
Virn 9 months ago
Watch the birds fly and the fish swim.
Brazshura 8 months ago
And they were just as right as the Christians.
Vimuro 8 months ago
It's also called wishful thinking and bull in English.
Vom 8 months ago
Your Desperation is showing CC..............
Meztiran 8 months ago
You have nothing to fear, from me.
Goltigul 8 months ago
I can't see how that would happen.
Zulkitaxe 8 months ago
Which part of Florida? I used to live there
Nebei 7 months ago
Maybe you, but not I!
Malasar 7 months ago
No compliments for oBOMBo ...
Malagore 7 months ago
Ikr? but I still luvs him!
Moogulabar 7 months ago
I wouldn't touch a pedophile priest either. Would you?
Zulrajas 7 months ago
How about an apology.
Dizragore 6 months ago
I doubt you are wealthy. Why?
Tojazahn 6 months ago
That's what I thought.
Molmaran 6 months ago
Krystal Boyd looks good in stockings
Shahn 6 months ago
70 of us are irrational?

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