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Young ebony couples having sex

Young ebony couples having sex
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Oh really? So again, you absolve gods followers for rape, pillaging and murder because hey, god commanded them to do those things....but then you absolve them of the immorality and violations of laws even spoken of in the bible in which thou shall do no murder which is what they were doing. There are even laws against rape in the OT but I also guess they should be absolved from following those laws because hey, they were just following gods orders, a god who violated his own laws by commanding them to do so.

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Young ebony couples having sex

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Mukasa 11 months ago
Can you see Russia from your front porch?
Milkis 11 months ago
Let's recap a bit here. You just now said:
Nigor 11 months ago
I heard about a lake of fire.oh, nevermind.
Talar 11 months ago
Hey Ribbey it's a pleasure !
Kijin 10 months ago
There are others .. though its certainly not unanimous.
Gur 10 months ago
Oh ya Miss Monalisa??
Tesida 10 months ago
I can't upload right now... Maybe another time....

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