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Filled up like a sperm bank

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Once the predisposition is in place, put their by the imposition of their parents, changing from one sect of the same religion to another sect, is irrelevant.

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Filled up like a sperm bank
Filled up like a sperm bank

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Yozshutilar 7 months ago
Enjoy your eternity in hell cause you deserve it.
Vudonos 6 months ago
Anyone heard from Ben Carson lately?
Nijar 6 months ago
That's what makes me a good Canadian
Goltijas 6 months ago
hahahaha I'm also wonder ..
Votilar 6 months ago
Boris, why do trolls like you exist?
Guzil 6 months ago
I DO put the s^&&%^ on everything! LOL
Malataur 6 months ago
But they need to be fed to liberals!!
Vukasa 6 months ago
How about you explain why their child's a near-vegetable?
Zusida 6 months ago
I go straight to the bathroom.
Akinobar 5 months ago
WOW yes continental food is also delicious
Nikora 5 months ago
What do you mean by god ?
Yozshurisar 5 months ago
You doing alright this evening Ethereal?
Faulkis 5 months ago
Dear Jesus someone stole her Chin, Help Help her....
Tajas 5 months ago
Criticize what aspect specifically...Their haircuts...Their wardrobes?
Goltigul 5 months ago
Whomever can get me back to civilization immediately.
Kazigal 5 months ago
Wah, I'm taking my ball and going home.... :)
Filled up like a sperm bank

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