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In a WORKPLACE their employer DOES get to tell them what to do pal

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Play girls having sex

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Yozshurg 11 months ago
Glad to hear that!
Metaxe 11 months ago
I won't waste my breath giving you scholarly advice.
Sagore 11 months ago
By making me pay for Unions. Duh.
Zolosho 11 months ago
Anything for a friend.
Mazule 11 months ago
That is what they call themselves.
Moogulabar 10 months ago
why isn't she dressed like a ninja?
Bar 10 months ago
Thats female objectification Mister!
Moogukora 10 months ago
You don't know what you just said?
Vira 10 months ago
Ask your mom or dad. They will explain it.
Goltitaur 10 months ago
What is a WDC??
Mikree 10 months ago
Intro to Death to All Infidels.
Yoran 9 months ago
Don't worry, another Cohen will get him.
Voodoojora 9 months ago
Let me hop on
Mizuru 9 months ago
Does that mean that you're turning inside out?
Akinogor 9 months ago
No name calling of any kind.
Modal 8 months ago
How about 'IF I WERE GOD?'
Kele 8 months ago
Many young people in every state shouldn?t have them.
Meztim 8 months ago
Sister,this little waist twisting really hard
Faubar 8 months ago
And here's precisely why I became Christian:
Zujora 7 months ago
I will worship your ground any time anyplace. Heh.
Voodoogul 7 months ago
Good to hear that :))
Shaktizshura 7 months ago
Alright! I'll be looking forward to that!
Turan 7 months ago
It is okay, and don?t call me murdery.
Gakree 7 months ago
I love women in stockings. especially fishnet
Dabei 6 months ago
Christianity answers all the questions
Nizahn 6 months ago
Hi I'm Toad :)
Dujar 6 months ago
The very definition of patternicity.
Zuzragore 6 months ago
I?ve never heard a Taylor Swift song.
Dajin 6 months ago
Which has no relevance on the topic.

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