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So why stop there? We could eliminate unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease by legislating that people can only have sex after marriage and only when approved by the Government. Why not outlaw homosexuals? that would dramatically reduce the spreading of HIV. The reason we don't do these things is because we are not a totalitarian regime. We believe in personal freedom. When people are free some of those people will act in ways that are dangerous. Leaving the Constitutional argument aside because it seems as though you don't believe in it by your other comments, Americans will ALWAYS own guns. It is in our DNA. If you try to pass laws to restrict gun ownership to a level as you said banning all guns, you will see the "citizenry" rise up with their guns. The citizen militia will fight for their freedom. They did it once and they will do it again. You would have another civil war.

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Captured male slave pantyhose
Captured male slave pantyhose

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Meztishakar 10 months ago
Now i?am smoking only my electronic cigarette
Faujind 10 months ago
That's why his audience is believers
Tygozuru 10 months ago
I will break you out or just post bail.
Meztikus 9 months ago
?? Dr. Seuss it is. ??
Arashidal 9 months ago
Yeah, like 1 in week
Gardacage 9 months ago
Ok. I hear many people testify what you testify.
Zukazahn 9 months ago
This guy fell off a bike
Shakazshura 9 months ago
That's SOP for DJT.
Faerg 8 months ago
YES! They are fantastic!!!
Brazshura 8 months ago
Bet we can all guess which finger.
Captured male slave pantyhose

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