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Cause of a gray anus

Cause of a gray anus
From: Kajilmaran
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Added:3 months ago
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But it is about Steve Jobs, who is deified by a lot of people, and by a lot of people on the left. He was in charge when those abuses took place. And he was famously a control freak.

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Cause of a gray anus
Cause of a gray anus
Cause of a gray anus

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Shabar 3 months ago
I feel sorry for your wife then.
Gashura 3 months ago
Yup. That's how they roll.
Zolokasa 3 months ago
You are factually wrong, funky.
Zulkizuru 3 months ago
Kolob is an uncharted planet in the outer rim.
Mukora 3 months ago
You want me to rephrase, or just repost?
Mobar 2 months ago
Because it doesn't have to?
Arat 2 months ago
Is anyone paying this kid?
Fenrijora 2 months ago
To give a purpose to passing the collection plate.
Grom 2 months ago
Damnit. Well thanks for not showing my face
Mazushakar 2 months ago
Will this world truly end one day???
Kazraran 2 months ago
That actually sounds nice ??????
Golar 1 month ago
Brilliant quote in there:
Aranos 1 month ago
It fits so we'll....
Malaktilar 1 month ago
No rush or anything! Thanks again for helping me!!!
Kigarg 1 month ago
A lot of us feel that way.
Sajas 1 month ago
What is my narrative?
Fenrinos 1 month ago
Put up links to back your BS up.
Cause of a gray anus

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