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Nitrous oxide and decreasing sperm count

From: Yozahn
Category: Canadian
Added:7 months ago
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So Canada also has rats. What these dingbats cannot seem to get through to their calloused brains is that they are breaking the law, and hurting their neighbors. If l find out any of my neighbors are harboring, or even helping illegal immigrants, l will give them ONE chance to clean up their bullshit before l call the authorities. The nerve of these ppl.

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Nitrous oxide and decreasing sperm count
Nitrous oxide and decreasing sperm count
Nitrous oxide and decreasing sperm count

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Kazraran 7 months ago
You truly deserve to be called "sheep". :)
Meztirg 6 months ago
It says you?re an Adventurer!
Kigal 6 months ago
What is my narrative?
Gardakasa 6 months ago
I finished reading the book yesterday.
Jull 6 months ago
They let you eat on my tax dollars!!
Vorr 6 months ago
It has been too easy proving your hypocrisy ...
Necage 5 months ago
Oh okay. Thank you for letting me know!
Akinogami 5 months ago
What is the crime? America has not been told?
Kalabar 5 months ago
You sound as inbred as they get....
Meztizragore 5 months ago
You're not worth the time, your logic is infantile
Magis 5 months ago
liberals think like the majority
Gataur 4 months ago
Unfortunately for them we see through that.
Vill 4 months ago
let's look at the vision!
Tygolkree 4 months ago
I did. ? ? ?
Taujar 4 months ago
That is type 2 TDS for sure.
Gugami 4 months ago
But that's not what I've done.
JoJole 3 months ago
Word filter got ya on fvcke
Daiktilar 3 months ago
Says the woman with a serious mental disorder.
Gujas 3 months ago
im going back to bed goodngiht Jennifer *hugs* <3
Mejas 3 months ago
Batman is overrated and so is Superman.
Nikotilar 2 months ago millennia. No need to bash scientists.
Malagor 2 months ago
But they'll still attach the explosives right?
Malarn 2 months ago
A Mary just doesn't buy much these days. :(
Nitrous oxide and decreasing sperm count

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