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Good points. In some cases, historical accounts contain myths, exaggerations, and propaganda. For example, it is known now (but not widely known yet) that some accounts of the Inquisition contain exaggerations that came from propaganda by Protestants against the Catholic Church. Over time, such falsehoods make it into popular culture and even history books.

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Nouveau hampshire ts escorte
Nouveau hampshire ts escorte

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Mikagis 11 months ago
Still blaming the problem with their culture on others
Gagul 11 months ago
To quote the linked article
Vojas 11 months ago
Drive safe. Enjoy. Cheers. Night.
Shaktit 11 months ago
I don't understand, but I want to see it.
Gardam 10 months ago
you are declared a SUPRESSIVE PERSON!
Tasho 10 months ago
Next drink is on me.
Fauzil 10 months ago
All good, I always liked Brunettes, Blondes, Redheads.
Tojajinn 10 months ago
Well, there you go. We agree on something. :)
Zulkijas 10 months ago
Yes, if you believe the universe is infinite.
Tugar 10 months ago
No threats from God only promises.
Mazuzil 10 months ago
The case for term limits--it's so clear.
Mozragore 9 months ago
No is the picture still here? XD
Fenrirn 9 months ago
That's flashy. Michael Bay style!
Malmaran 9 months ago
Another icon of tolerance and respect?
Mezijas 9 months ago
I think I know why this bothers you.
Gardale 8 months ago
Asking a clarifying question is "an assumption?"
Dounris 8 months ago
Can you turn on your camera?
Faekasa 8 months ago
And the first trumpster being indicted for insider trading.
Mutaur 8 months ago
Ok ok dont make angry faces doesn't suit u??????
Kigul 8 months ago
You post nothing relevant anyway, good riddance
Fegor 8 months ago
So. the burial of Jesus:
Mogore 8 months ago
Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
Miran 8 months ago
Sorry for being honest.
Shaktilrajas 7 months ago
Oh that's not good for health.
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