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Www prozik nek

Www prozik nek
From: Arashile
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Added:7 months ago
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He also converted to Islam. The guy must have some sort of mad skillset to have gotten so high up in the hierarchy, but then obambam was a communist islamist so I suppose there was a lot of convenient luck involved.

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Www prozik nek
Www prozik nek

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Kigagis 7 months ago
yeah he was badass
Dalabar 7 months ago
LOL I know! XD
Daigore 7 months ago
Nothing good has come of it.
Tebar 7 months ago
I think you're dismissing a lot of evidence.
Ditilar 6 months ago
Me when my coworkers are pi*ssed at me.
Meztirr 6 months ago
Nothing can be proven outside of mathematics. Try again.
Tygokazahn 6 months ago
You can't show me how I'm wrong though.
Vujinn 6 months ago
I work at a call center ??
Zulkibei 6 months ago
what does H.P mean?
Gusida 6 months ago
Some very wise and sensible ideas.
Vukazahn 5 months ago
Not without some serious self aggrandizement.
Samujas 5 months ago
Prove there is no God. You CAN'
Nagrel 5 months ago
What are you prepared to do?
Mikadal 5 months ago
Gee, that looks a little Handmaid's Tale-like...
Daisar 4 months ago
How are you doing?
Gatilar 4 months ago
does it have a soul at that point?
Mall 4 months ago
I like how you linked his twitter account
Zura 4 months ago
Personality wise, yes. I agree.
Dashakar 4 months ago
The democrat party explained in one pic ...
Faer 4 months ago
Wasn't the USC written by racist slave-owners though?
Nikorr 4 months ago
When someone gives me a Like
Shaktirn 4 months ago
You can lead a horse to water.
Mejin 4 months ago
I want the correct date
Arakus 3 months ago
Ok. What holes did you find in their arguments?
Kezilkree 3 months ago
what is the difference ?
Mukora 3 months ago
Oh, yikes, goood point....
Shakazuru 3 months ago
they killed a woman in Charlottesville

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