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The adult version of youtube

The adult version of youtube
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In America there is no way to force the estimated 160 million gun owners to register our 600 million guns.Even when threatened with 7 years in prison and loss of all guns for life,1.3 million assault weapons owners in New York and Connecticut refused to register their weapons and dared the police to try and come take them.The State Police and Sheriffs in both States published their refusal to enforce the registration laws.No registration law has ever achieved even close to Citizen 10% compliance.

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The adult version of youtube

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Niran 9 months ago
just common sense standards
Mezizshura 9 months ago
Oh... we already are. Be sure of it.
Nele 9 months ago
Race riot? When & where?
Shakus 8 months ago
You were attacking the wrong voter, my friend.
Taramar 8 months ago
Yet it's you people that vote them in.
Zolozuru 8 months ago
This is clearly a terrorist organization.
Vizahn 8 months ago
Is it a MLB team?
Nelabar 7 months ago
They're the dumbest technology on the planet.
Nikasa 7 months ago
That?s what jury trials are for.

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