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Paul invented original sin as a concept. Judaism works just fine with out it, so there's no reason to think Christianity wouldn't. Especially if you just go with Jesus represents a new covenant with all humanity, replacing the Mosaic covenant, which was just for Israel, and problematic.

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Brittany robertson nude naked
Brittany robertson nude naked
Brittany robertson nude naked

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Nekora 8 months ago
Evolution has nothing to do with god beliefs.
Vishura 8 months ago
You decided to put more Dunning-Kruger effect on display.
Gudal 8 months ago
I do not agree with your snarkiness.
Zololabar 8 months ago
Still. nice, subtle reference to pop culture!
Daidal 7 months ago
You always have an interesting/unique opinion. Thanks for sharing.
Kazizragore 7 months ago
Indeed natural laws might need no cause at all.
Kiran 7 months ago
My skin is crawling!
Zusida 7 months ago
shorties are mean people i like shorties ??
Taurr 7 months ago
You have some SERIOUS issues, dude.
Kagalkree 7 months ago
I feel you and respect that. Thank you
Gagor 6 months ago
There is always Cafe Press.
Salabar 6 months ago
That's not logic. That's merely unrelated numbers supposition.
Fegis 6 months ago
The subject of countless sitcoms past and future.

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