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Added:9 months ago
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Laws denote order, purpose and consistency. Explain the likelihood that purposeful, consistent order arises out of randomness and chaos vs. intelligent direction.

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Ebony teen tube clips
Ebony teen tube clips

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Sarn 9 months ago
No. Because I'm not.
Balrajas 9 months ago
That isn't the way that works.
Goltikora 9 months ago
Hope his spouse didn't read his comment!
Fekazahn 8 months ago
Here is a novel idea self control.
Nikonris 8 months ago
Props to the baby gif creator ??????
Zolosho 8 months ago
Only because I love you Gehennah:
Zululkree 8 months ago
*SOME* Muslims. Not all Muslims.
Tojarr 8 months ago
The Christian god is really weird about that.
Zulukree 7 months ago
So, Christianity isn't really under attack?
Kajizuru 7 months ago
A Mary just doesn't buy much these days. :(
Mauzuru 7 months ago
Well she has a pretty face like yourself
Doulabar 7 months ago
Oh.. what you do for living
Bragore 6 months ago
Lol...yeah I crashed out after posting my comment.
Negrel 6 months ago
How about marrying this forlorn atheist? ?? ??
JoJoktilar 6 months ago
Lantern job has been fulfilled-- confusion sets in
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