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Dole 10 months ago
My sources agree with your sources ....
Nikorisar 9 months ago
So not the same .
Mern 9 months ago
On the type fonts Used.
Moogusida 9 months ago
Pleas explain this position?
Vilrajas 9 months ago
You mean the god you can't prove to exist.
Doran 9 months ago
Your a cool lady, I'm glad I met you
Shaktisar 9 months ago
Who threatened to wring her neck?
Mazusida 9 months ago
Not really. But I said anyone.
Didal 8 months ago
Why is good good?}
Arakasa 8 months ago
Another example of the willfully ignorant.
Nazahn 8 months ago
Kissy face all day errry day. ????
Dugrel 8 months ago
Suits i liked. Got i loves. ??????
Tosar 7 months ago
news for the're a trip
Mutaur 7 months ago
starting year 3 of not watching the nfl...
Bralabar 7 months ago
satan. Does that make you happy?
Maugami 7 months ago
And it was sooooooooooooo peaceful! ;-)
Zulkitaur 7 months ago
For some reason I only see this post now.
Kigazuru 7 months ago
Savage oughta love this considering his novel
Zujinn 7 months ago
That's an unfortunate fact, Dale.
Gusar 6 months ago
Nah was'nt anything worthwhile.played scrabble instead...
Bagis 6 months ago
I know some very well who were healed.
Moogukinos 6 months ago
Lie. You could link me otherwise.
Dougrel 6 months ago
Knowing them... IDK. Maybe. LOLOL!!!!
Gashakar 5 months ago
Lemme worry about Decent.
JoJogrel 5 months ago
Her too! She had some pers... what G said.
Akirg 5 months ago
Not in a talent show that'd be horrible
Kajigor 5 months ago
Which walls are closing in on Trump?
Mausho 5 months ago
with or without a swimsuit?
Kanris 4 months ago
Hillary got 150 million dollars from the Russians.
Vok 4 months ago
Word is Jim Brown is on the Trump payroll.

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