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Grandpa fucked my girl friend

From: Neshakar
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Added:10 months ago
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I apologize. That was directed at SnackTheoryConfidential, not you. I replied to the wrong post.

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Grandpa fucked my girl friend
Grandpa fucked my girl friend
Grandpa fucked my girl friend
Grandpa fucked my girl friend

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Grocage 10 months ago
It most commonly comes from peaking plants.
Gardasho 10 months ago
What exactly is "hate speech?"
Bakus 10 months ago
Wow. Way to go full bore white supremacist.
Zulur 10 months ago
The USSR wasn't a true atheistic country.
Tur 9 months ago
Where are you from?
Yonos 9 months ago
Hey boo! Eat...what? Lol
Voodoonris 9 months ago
You're talking about apples and oranges.
Gokasa 9 months ago
what did they get wrong?
Moogulkis 9 months ago
Nancy Pelosi ...Chuck Schumer and moreover anyone name Clinton?
Zulumuro 8 months ago
You tell me, you claim to have proof.
Yozshull 8 months ago
wake up. I pray God opens your eyes.
Goltinos 8 months ago
They can not. This is an election year stunt
Moogudal 8 months ago
And the solution is? Submission?

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