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So that makes the KJV a newcomer in the story. The old testament hasn't been changed in Hebrew and Aramaic in over 2000 years.

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Kazrashicage 7 months ago
I will be dead by then
Zuluzragore 7 months ago
Maybe not quite that old. lol
Tojagrel 7 months ago
YES. IF they want to.
Fenrizil 7 months ago
"Calling God believing Christians deplorable is an attack."
Faugar 7 months ago
You?re wasting people?s time, which is rude and inconsiderate.
Jumi 7 months ago
And so the destruction of western civilization continues unabated.
Nigami 6 months ago
Thank you for sharing this:)
Vudolrajas 6 months ago
Must've been a great dinner :D
Zuramar 6 months ago
Yup...that right before the sensitive ????????????
Tarisar 6 months ago
But why is it extremely necessary?
Moogutaur 6 months ago
Please point out where I have ever denied it.
Zuluzuru 5 months ago
me points to the graph you just posted.
JoJokree 5 months ago
You have to stick
Ganris 5 months ago
Won't the the CBC's crying seriously? You are correct.
Mikagis 5 months ago
Sneak some Yellow Ice in her Kool-Aid.
Tojak 5 months ago
Here's a picture of this so-called professor.
Shaktishura 5 months ago
No, not by itself.
Meztiktilar 5 months ago
If its a Christian adoption agency then they do.
Nude pics free brittney spears

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