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You're not confusing me. You are obviously confused. Here's a hint. Go learn the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning and how it applies to the scientific method.

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Pictures of dicks and vaginas
Pictures of dicks and vaginas
Pictures of dicks and vaginas

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Zulkisida 6 months ago
The bible also says that God is spirit.
Juk 6 months ago
haha yeah yeah so I am told ??
Kilabar 6 months ago
She a sweetie... She has you...
Dugrel 5 months ago
"resolve our issues like men "
Zololar 5 months ago
????????. Yet reality is saying different
Kakinos 5 months ago
impossible .as far as we know.
Dairr 5 months ago
People love President Putin.
Nesar 5 months ago
///O, Johan, We are She.
Tosar 5 months ago
No problem. I want not to discuss personal matters.
Vinos 5 months ago
You fell flat on your face when you barfed
Sham 4 months ago
Hey hon! How are you?
Mojinn 4 months ago
Looks like Deimie went the shoot the messenger route.
Dugal 4 months ago
?Hoplophobic?.... my word of the day!
Maurisar 3 months ago
Fixed thanks for the heads up
Shanos 3 months ago
Has anyone been to San Fran lately?
Goltijas 3 months ago
I think I fixed it
Vigor 3 months ago
"The racist Asian chick(can't remember her name."
Mauzragore 3 months ago
Or never, in reality.
Vishicage 3 months ago
would you act upon what you read?

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