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Pai espia filha 13anos

Pai espia filha 13anos
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He is being censored. Censoring is when you eliminate content you don't like. When an editor of a newspaper refuses to print a letter or forces a journalist to change his text before publishing, it is still censorship. When you ban someone completely it is more so.

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Pai espia filha 13anos
Pai espia filha 13anos

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Damuro 6 months ago
Morning champ, how are you
Dijas 6 months ago
So you live with parents or with friends
Faejas 5 months ago
Lmao. I guess thats a yes.
Zolojas 5 months ago
hahaha So what's her name?
Kikora 5 months ago
To an Outsider like me, the inference will be
Faudal 5 months ago
First Iggi, I NEVER dodge.
Kazizragore 5 months ago
"John" said that, not Jesus.
Shakaktilar 5 months ago
That's the "official" story anyway ??
Goltigore 4 months ago
I would only look at them as FOOD.
Mezirg 4 months ago
A Midwest state that went Trump.
Dazahn 4 months ago
With facts. Facts always rebut fantasy.
Fauk 4 months ago
Thas jus saaaaad. I know that feeling.
Viramar 4 months ago
You?ve never seen a toddler, have you?
Daibar 4 months ago
what is the difference ?
Mikashakar 3 months ago
That accurately sums it up.
Gumuro 3 months ago
Not agreeing isn't relevant to whether there is.
Akinor 3 months ago
The ignorance is all yours. Do some research.
Nikogis 3 months ago
In sum: All man-made things have a creator...
Tygorg 2 months ago
Well at least the crowd might keep them honest.
Kagahn 2 months ago
I added a meme, enjoy your discussion young man.
Dajinn 2 months ago
Well, that's another treaty torn up.
JoJogal 2 months ago
You do that you evil psychopath.
Kazrakora 2 months ago
? So it?s lose lose situation.
Samutilar 2 months ago
I follow the Bible.
Pai espia filha 13anos

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