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Vogore 9 months ago
Some did. No sh-t.
Faeran 9 months ago
Leave religion out of government.
Akijar 9 months ago
My god made it. Have faith.
Tazshura 9 months ago
I found interesting live stream:
Bajind 9 months ago
Trumph keep it up
JoJogul 8 months ago
Your advice is reciprocated.
Arabar 8 months ago
No relevancy. Just the usual poop throwing.
Vukree 8 months ago
Cite the verse that says 'sex slave'
Yozuru 7 months ago
Go try Laker Lager... Tastes awful.
Yom 7 months ago
Oh I'm still quite obsessed with it
Dojas 7 months ago
I would be interested in your evidence.
Sasar 7 months ago
Oh neat! I like that one a lot :)
Voodoojinn 7 months ago
California prison's are now over 13% illegal aliens.
Kakora 7 months ago
Hey hon! How are you?
Tosho 6 months ago
God is love ,
Gak 6 months ago
More evidence that we need a Two State Solution.
Guzuru 6 months ago
What did Muhammad preach in the early Meccan period?
Faular 6 months ago
Cap's shift never ends.
Taukree 6 months ago
See the previous post
Kigahn 5 months ago
I'm on bottom that's why
Mezijas 5 months ago
Funny? You? Pish posh, you?re hilarious. Lol
Juzuru 5 months ago
Well, you look fantastic!!!
Sarr 5 months ago
Start with the following:
Mizuru 4 months ago
God bless the USA
Faetaur 4 months ago
You are the one crying, dupe ....
Grozragore 4 months ago
Winter is indeed coming
Meztikree 4 months ago
No. It is up to you.
Gugal 3 months ago
Something smells like fish...????
Gurn 3 months ago
Yes, Majority Of Muslims Are Peaceful!
Dark ash blonde revlon

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