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Thick black girls on you tube
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I think the big bang is believed to be the beginning of the universe. It seems unlikely that the big bang or singularity always was.

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Sazragore 10 months ago
Maybe they missed the Kids ?
Bralmaran 10 months ago
Under Bush another idiot Republican.
Vikora 9 months ago
A child's answer. Good luck on your quest
Zuzshura 9 months ago
We need to move faster.
Yozshucage 9 months ago
Except ratings! ???? ????
Shagami 9 months ago
Thank you:) but I have done already....
Tygosida 8 months ago
Mind reading for me, please.
Mozil 8 months ago
That assumes that moron can actually think.
Tesida 8 months ago
Your feelings are not facts bubba.
Vugul 8 months ago
There's a shocking revelation. lol
Dagar 8 months ago
Thanks for setting me straight; I learned something new.
Dougal 8 months ago
A very good posting.
Daill 7 months ago
You should see some of my other bans.
Voodooshura 7 months ago
There's no 'definite' about it...
Arashijind 7 months ago
Not if they are a felon.
Nerr 7 months ago
Probably ink poisoning
Tajin 7 months ago
What did you put in your beer? ??????
Bagami 7 months ago
He doesn?t like our new friend Melvin.
Mojora 6 months ago
Inner qualities matters altogether
Kegar 6 months ago
No doubt that will be their argument.
Tebei 6 months ago
will do, and thanks, signed, the goat.
Yozshukora 6 months ago
Every one of your posts substantiates Walter White.
Shaktimi 5 months ago
so your drawing are 18 +-- interesting! hahah
Voodooshicage 5 months ago
i put that shit on everything ... true!
Yocage 5 months ago
If I upvoted myself I'd have double the upvotes...
Kijas 5 months ago
If in America, then follow the American laws!

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