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Shaktilkree 7 months ago
What are you claiming?
Feshicage 7 months ago
They can be very different.
Taukazahn 7 months ago
You're the one stalking me loser.
Mikagami 6 months ago
Who is Auckland Peace Action.
Shatilar 6 months ago
Now your talking my language.
Voodoogore 6 months ago
Actually, I got a better version. Notice the bold
Kitaur 6 months ago
The last line ??????
Vusida 6 months ago
not a bad idea for a leftist
Tagor 5 months ago
Dude head, can't you do math?
Musar 5 months ago
Hypocrisy = Dogmatic Christians
Vizuru 5 months ago
Reducing God to a rock is hardly an analogy.
Dainos 5 months ago
..and she is ready to commit!!
Faubei 5 months ago
LOL, of this thread, I'd heartily agree.
Fenrizshura 4 months ago
Denunciation is empty space, aka hot air.
Dusho 4 months ago
That is not brainwashing.
Vigul 4 months ago
Are you a white supremacist?
Dainos 4 months ago
So you're saying it's also phallic?
Mazushicage 4 months ago
The cognitive dissonance is becoming painful to watch.

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