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Northern Russian Dialects

Northern Russian Dialects
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Added:9 months ago
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If a man commits adultery with another man?s wife, both the man and the woman must be put to death.

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Zulkigis 9 months ago
Conditions limit our choices. I can't become an astronaut.
JoJot 9 months ago
disqus will do the same...its run by nazi leftists..
Talkree 9 months ago
Yup Also Going Clear is a great doc.
Tasho 9 months ago
tell us an embarrassing song you like
Nisar 8 months ago
What sideshow does she work for?
Tokus 8 months ago
Awesome, we'll see each other more then.
Vogore 8 months ago
Thank you, I'm just cool with Love.
Arazshura 8 months ago
Dexter. That ending sucked.
Fenrigar 8 months ago
grammar check. the sentence should read...
Kitaur 8 months ago
Awww, go on Scarz ;)
Nikolar 7 months ago
They look well fed.
Gashura 7 months ago
Th-th-tha that's all, folks!
Mikagami 7 months ago
How Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?
Zulkijinn 7 months ago
Probably all day! :)
Yozshubei 7 months ago
Actually, they are far worse.
Merg 7 months ago
So, this vote is.what?
Akinora 6 months ago
The father away from the Constitution
Kitaxe 6 months ago
Thank you for correction.
Sarr 6 months ago
"Lightfoot Tcat ? 2 hours ago
Kegore 6 months ago
that is why i am lite headed
Karan 6 months ago
Did I say that?
Vudogis 6 months ago
OK, I'll go back & look in a sec.
JoJolmaran 5 months ago
And yet the studies show that you're wrong.
Arale 5 months ago
Front row and an endless supply of dollar bills.
Voodoojar 5 months ago
Pollyanna nonsense cribbed from Romney's stale political stump speeches.
Tutilar 5 months ago
Yes the boys who bullied u?? ??

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