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Northern Russian Dialects

Northern Russian Dialects
From: Shakashicage
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Added:11 months ago
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If a man commits adultery with another man?s wife, both the man and the woman must be put to death.

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Zulkigis 11 months ago
Conditions limit our choices. I can't become an astronaut.
JoJot 11 months ago
disqus will do the same...its run by nazi leftists..
Talkree 11 months ago
Yup Also Going Clear is a great doc.
Tasho 11 months ago
tell us an embarrassing song you like
Nisar 10 months ago
What sideshow does she work for?
Tokus 10 months ago
Awesome, we'll see each other more then.
Vogore 10 months ago
Thank you, I'm just cool with Love.
Arazshura 10 months ago
Dexter. That ending sucked.
Fenrigar 10 months ago
grammar check. the sentence should read...
Kitaur 10 months ago
Awww, go on Scarz ;)
Nikolar 9 months ago
They look well fed.
Gashura 9 months ago
Th-th-tha that's all, folks!
Mikagami 9 months ago
How Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?
Zulkijinn 9 months ago
Probably all day! :)
Yozshubei 9 months ago
Actually, they are far worse.
Merg 9 months ago
So, this vote is.what?
Akinora 9 months ago
The father away from the Constitution
Kitaxe 8 months ago
Thank you for correction.
Sarr 8 months ago
"Lightfoot Tcat ? 2 hours ago
Kegore 8 months ago
that is why i am lite headed
Karan 8 months ago
Did I say that?
Vudogis 8 months ago
OK, I'll go back & look in a sec.
JoJolmaran 8 months ago
And yet the studies show that you're wrong.
Arale 7 months ago
Front row and an endless supply of dollar bills.
Voodoojar 7 months ago
Pollyanna nonsense cribbed from Romney's stale political stump speeches.
Tutilar 7 months ago
Yes the boys who bullied u?? ??

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