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Pretty pantyhose legs

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I didn?t mention the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, but now that you mention it, the trend towards entropy DOES conflict with the incredible order of the known universe.

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Pretty pantyhose legs
Pretty pantyhose legs
Pretty pantyhose legs

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Tall 9 months ago
It?s actually a single island?
Nikogor 9 months ago
Competitors also use steel and aluminum.
Goltilmaran 9 months ago
Spoken like a true libertarian, lol.
Meztijind 9 months ago
Jesus is an XBox guy
Tobar 8 months ago
Merry 146th day before Christmas.
Zulukazahn 8 months ago
Yeah put that same bison in his jail cell.
Faujinn 8 months ago
Yes. Of course it is.
Nilar 8 months ago
Haha It's definitely a hazard, for sure.
Dourn 7 months ago
Yeah they are super real looking though. Creepy.
Mejas 7 months ago
Women aren?t attracted to effeminate males.
Dira 7 months ago
Zulis were laiter than what?
Nanos 7 months ago
Did you even read Steve's comment at all?
Nem 7 months ago
Yes and they hurt...
Shaktizilkree 6 months ago
Read the previous reply.
Shaktiktilar 6 months ago
Haha thats what my kids say about my cat!
Vibar 6 months ago
Oh, my SO sings this one!
Vokree 6 months ago
Ha, deflecting again. Got ya
Akinorr 6 months ago
Clean her up and bring her to me.
Goltilkis 6 months ago
CNN did get an earful.
Migis 6 months ago
It?s a lifetime appointment for all the issues.
Volkis 6 months ago
I?m looking for good arguments for a god period.

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