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the "binary paradigm" (I like the term, but not the concept) is overused, especially by Republicans who tend to paint everyone who does not follow the party line with a single "liberal" brush. The fact is that more and more people are identifying as independents, meaning that they do not filter their world through an ideological lens.

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Ahsoka tano naked pics
Ahsoka tano naked pics

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Zulkitaxe 9 months ago
Most likely you are correct.
Tekus 9 months ago
Silly...blacks invented the KKK
Shakasida 9 months ago
I think it's hilarious you don't get sarcasm.
Zulkigore 9 months ago
I brought a legitimate complaint to a moderator.
Yozragore 9 months ago
Are you a YEC?
Mibar 9 months ago
They claim so. Yet can't show so.
Nilkree 9 months ago
I don't like bullies.
Vudolrajas 8 months ago
I'm... taken aback a bit, to be honest.
Shakahn 8 months ago
Have you ever heard this message before?
Tagami 8 months ago
Has is the operative word.
Maulabar 7 months ago
I know! What happened?!?
Mikagis 7 months ago
Is jealousy a good emotion?
Vukinos 7 months ago
Not fake, but rather biased? You're too nice.
Moogunris 7 months ago
They are all exposing themselves ..
Goltirisar 7 months ago
You and me both bro!
Vudojora 7 months ago
Read more carefully. That's exactly her point.
Dudal 7 months ago
You didn't explain. Why is that?
Fenritaxe 6 months ago
Been around a long time, Sausage.
Doura 6 months ago
Hypocrisy at its finest.
Arashibei 6 months ago
He went after the man's woman.
Motaxe 6 months ago
Jones is the best conservatism has to offer?
Mik 6 months ago
Does the universe have purpose?
Morr 5 months ago
Got a brain of your own?
Kazile 5 months ago
Lol so many assumptions xD
Tugami 5 months ago
Dead ringer for my last serious relationship.
Daishicage 5 months ago
It is a fact.
Yozshunos 5 months ago
We make up for lost time??????
Kazimi 5 months ago
Earthworms and red wigglers are high in protein.
Ahsoka tano naked pics

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