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I became an avid Trump supporter while watching the first Republican primary debate, and I was truly puzzled by the many ferocious, hysterical, vague and unsupported accusations against Trump, The basketball player who called Trump "racially divisive" is a typical example, and it demonstrates that never-Trumpers are equally stupid, whether they bounce a big rubber ball for a living, or write for the NY Times, National Review, or the Weekly Standard. The same question defeats them all and renders them speechless:

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Cute teen for cash
Cute teen for cash

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Kazigis 8 months ago
Gotcha. I agree with that.
Tura 8 months ago
They are pretty good you should try one
Arashilar 8 months ago
Actually, because I have arthritis in my knees.
Shaktigul 8 months ago
Good to see you as always Mr Holiday
Vir 7 months ago
Go cry to moderator.
Kagabei 7 months ago
Honestly who gives a f---k how others have sex?
Samular 7 months ago
One would think, but no its still around
Kazik 7 months ago
or Oxford street next Mardis Gras.
Vozilkree 7 months ago
Do you always leap before you look?
Goltim 7 months ago
Ancient men claimed tbat. No god did. Fable.
Mezicage 6 months ago
Jesus would have rebuked them.
Kajigar 6 months ago
May I get invites sent here, please? Pretty Please?
Kajizil 6 months ago
In reference to dead . Yes.
Mauzragore 6 months ago
Nice work, Maxine Waters.
Yoshicage 6 months ago
Good idea I shall do.
Zulkikora 5 months ago
Something for your Prince..
Felkree 5 months ago
I prefer my chicken to be the main course.
Shaktitilar 5 months ago
Hahaha! Oh man... is that Conchita Wurst? X'D
Brataur 5 months ago
I struggle to understand this.
Samucage 5 months ago
I hpoe this brightens Lauren Southerns day :)

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