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Fele 6 months ago
That's rich, CC posting against Big Brother.
Doubei 6 months ago
Why do you think CC is an actual chick?
Zulkiktilar 6 months ago
hahahaha good joke haha!
Faurisar 6 months ago
Lol, they only scream asylum when caught .
Zulkijinn 6 months ago
"Most places don't allow soliciting."
Shataur 5 months ago
No no, little trumpie-
Samunos 5 months ago
Come on you old curmudgeons relive your youth!
Meztidal 5 months ago its spoiled ...lucky cat.
Dor 5 months ago
Aw, you're mad you got caught again. It's funny!
Nejin 5 months ago
Yes, yes; it's all fantasy.
Voodoojas 5 months ago
Lol, an emotional position.
JoJotilar 5 months ago
Haha I was trying to help someone else
Zolorg 4 months ago
And for the second time, just what's my conclusion?
Samurisar 4 months ago
This issue has run its course. Finis.
Dojin 4 months ago
Seems lame and a waste of time.
Dajora 4 months ago
But not the cat.
Migis 4 months ago
Some Jews are good with money.
Goltisar 3 months ago
tick tock tick tock.
Nikohn 3 months ago
He is not a 100% wrong on this.
Kezragore 3 months ago
"Foreign people buying AMERICAN food!"
Balrajas 3 months ago
Yeah ...and Pearly too????
Fesho 3 months ago
attempted robbery is not a motive
Tygogrel 2 months ago
Right... identity politics at it's finest.
Tojalkis 2 months ago
And why I left it behind:
Yozilkree 2 months ago
Aww. Did he start flagging?
Miramar 2 months ago
Hahahaha! Luckily for you you wrote I think.
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