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Faebar 6 months ago
Some of them were homosexuals. What is your point?
Mirisar 6 months ago
I guess I'll never know.
Mukus 6 months ago
It's to cover any faux pas I make.
Dozragore 6 months ago
Oh yeah. Necrophilia is my thing. ??????
Kazilkis 6 months ago
Hahaha hmm what? ??
Shakall 6 months ago
That zip gun is illegal.
Gokora 5 months ago
But... but... isn't all the water in the Pacific?
Goltigis 5 months ago
Yep, all religions are silly.
Tomuro 5 months ago
no one can claim that God hasn't healed amputees.'
Diktilar 5 months ago
no it doesn't....... only a small minority of them....
Kabei 4 months ago
Free?. so the nurses, doctors, hospitals, non get paid?
Tomuro 4 months ago
Could you tell I was smiling?
Goltit 4 months ago
Rationalize your unfounded, unscientific beliefs some more.
Voodoosar 4 months ago
I gave them a week off.
Mezilrajas 4 months ago
Um hm um um um um uh oh
Gugore 4 months ago
Hmmmm, it?s only trouble if you get caught. ;)
Shar 3 months ago
Too fuzzy to read...??
Tusho 3 months ago
Politics played important role in our daily life
Month wow finding russian bride

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