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My point wasn't trying to differentiate trust from faith as much as to show a distinction between faith and evidence.

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Malalrajas 3 months ago
Well, when the press constantly edits, twists and fabricates
Kagale 3 months ago
The unending and unsustainable debt.
Shagal 3 months ago
Now I feel old
Shakabei 3 months ago
Ha! Unfortunately those he killed didn't, did they?
Doujinn 3 months ago
Bernie is a bit right wing on this.
Zulkirg 2 months ago
Another time you failed to answer a basic question?
Moogugrel 2 months ago
We are already in trouble.
Shall 2 months ago
Your hypothetical is flawed ;)
Aralar 2 months ago
'Tis my opinion that
Fesar 1 month ago
She is a very attractive woman
Gaktilar 1 month ago
Good to see ya Mr Pancakes!!
Kigarisar 1 month ago
You are quite ignorant
Akinot 1 month ago
Is there a question in the OP somewhere?
Fausar 1 month ago
ALL "Will" is - GODS - "Will" -
Milar 4 weeks ago
My little mermaidddd ?????+?
Kenris 3 weeks ago
So what has been so prophetic.
Tekora 2 weeks ago
lol this is too funny.
Grokree 1 week ago
"Gun control is ineffective unless you ban guns."
Yobei 1 week ago
Aww, little censorship monkey..Coward....

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