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Jewish men clean the blood from circumcised baby boys using their tongues.

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Sex and the city desktop
Sex and the city desktop

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Mutilar 10 months ago
God only hates sin.
Kagabei 10 months ago
They don't share last names. Cousins?
Malkree 9 months ago
Zero as a place holder for an unknown quantity.
Zulkisida 9 months ago
The music, cars, fashion, just super cool. Loved it.
Zura 9 months ago
Trump needed Russian freedom
Yokazahn 9 months ago
I like Gangdam Style by PSY
Zulkishicage 9 months ago
"The God I believe in gave mankind free will."
Mujind 9 months ago
Yup, sure helped Hillary out in many ways....
Shaktikree 8 months ago
For one, the guy that posted this story.
Fenrijar 8 months ago
It's hard to believe you are not a Christian.
Akinobei 8 months ago
Like flies to shit.
Moogugar 8 months ago
No one is better to trust than mom
Tosida 7 months ago
We are all entitled to our opinions.
Vumuro 7 months ago
You summed up the OP.
Nalabar 7 months ago
You are not an atheist!
Juktilar 7 months ago
Hi Joe, I hope all is well with you.??
Gardakus 7 months ago
It's from a Harvard-Northeastern University survey.
Goltiktilar 7 months ago
But if Chelsea did it?
Faujin 7 months ago
those others did not win fyi.
Brahn 6 months ago
Wow, quite life you lead watching Zombies
Vikazahn 6 months ago
Because they are fact.
Tygolar 6 months ago
Come on pick a God, any God.
Milkis 6 months ago
pretty sure he wan't a Muslim, silly rightie.
Kim 6 months ago
He means strip Monopoly, JNC. Don't fall for it.
Bragami 6 months ago
It's spelled "hypocricy", little trumpie.
Zolorg 6 months ago
And your point would be what?
Fenrisho 5 months ago
I think its very nice.
Zulugor 5 months ago
Yeah, no, that ain't going to work any better.
Sex and the city desktop

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