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Smoking weed is just as bad as tobacco. Weed smoke contains several toxic and carcinogenic substances. But apart from Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson, there is hardly any other person on earth who can smoke 80 plus joints a day. The average pothead does not light up as often as cigarette smokers. So that's why there apparently seems to be no correlation between smoking marijuana and cancer. But of course excessive use of any substance is bad for you.

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Sexy videos of sreya
Sexy videos of sreya

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Dataxe 10 months ago
Answer my questions. You continue to deflect.
Fenrizshura 10 months ago
god is seeing this post rn
Arashikora 10 months ago
Pmsl, that shirt just made me think of Mike....????
Ararn 10 months ago
What?s the maid look like ??????
Arazahn 10 months ago
Yes. I like that. Make it so.
Taulrajas 9 months ago
Ironic name that you have, there...
Fenrit 9 months ago
Creative editing liar.
Mikinos 9 months ago
Teleport... So much less travel time
Nitaxe 9 months ago
You just keep getting wrong and more wrong.
Meztigar 9 months ago
Military projects are unecessary or impractical?
Shakazuru 8 months ago
What if you don't have kids?
Vudolmaran 8 months ago
That sounds like a terrible problem.
Zujinn 8 months ago
White or dark meat?
Felmaran 8 months ago
Have you visited India before
Vogore 8 months ago
Trump is still your president.
Goshakar 8 months ago
"... hates good and loves evil..."
Akirn 7 months ago
You attempted to quash it, but the analogy stands.
Faetilar 7 months ago
What kind of proof would you like?
Akik 7 months ago
I didn't laugh and humor is subjective.
Kazigal 7 months ago
Transitioning into Gnosticism ;)
Mikazragore 7 months ago
It?s so cute ??????
Kekinos 7 months ago
You really should upvote her.
Shakagis 7 months ago
And what's the correct version?
Daijora 6 months ago
Really the university just lends their name?
Zulujas 6 months ago
revisionist nonsense like a paper airplane did it.

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