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Shara 11 months ago
He's a wonderfully graceful dancer, too!
Faukree 11 months ago
Trump just wants to build Space Farce One.
Meztishura 11 months ago
So then basically today.
Kazrale 11 months ago
Ok. And who might She be?
Shakale 10 months ago
I?m goin da pool before it gets hot ??????
Tesida 10 months ago
Who's gonna pay for his Space Force? The Mexicans?
Vikus 10 months ago
Both of those quotes are appeal to authority, so.
Kagazilkree 10 months ago
Fumbling around was half the fun!
Netaur 10 months ago
John says. I don't buy it.
Nabei 10 months ago
I don't need evidence for disbelief.
Arashishura 9 months ago
To the ostrich jacket!
Menos 9 months ago
do you think am offended?
Tadal 9 months ago
That would be pretty cool.
Zulujora 8 months ago
Well, my kids are girls, so...
Faedal 8 months ago
Provide some evidence. Facts are supportable.
Daikus 8 months ago
LMAO! Best post on here!
Fetaxe 8 months ago
Mockery leads your lost soul to nowhere
Shaktigore 8 months ago
Thank you. there's no higher praise for a comedian
Gromi 8 months ago
Mormons are hardly ?cool?.
Shakadal 7 months ago
Best comment. I love the way you think!
Kar 7 months ago
That makes two of us good-bye.
Batilar 7 months ago
Well, you don?t understand feminism, Kelly.
Maura 7 months ago
Again, can it change to begin with?
Jura 7 months ago
Seems like a troll response to me.
Voodoojinn 7 months ago
When in doubt, punt!!
Kazralar 7 months ago
umm, aren't all of us dying anyway?
Fausida 6 months ago
That's cool.. where you from
Durr 6 months ago
read the question again.

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