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Zuluzuru 6 months ago
Hey was mexican. So no BLM
Fauhn 6 months ago
Ahhhh. The always enjoyable ?Russians are coming? claim.
Daigami 5 months ago
Another wall of nothing.
Kazragis 5 months ago
Drunk people say stupid things.....not exactly breaking news.
Vigor 5 months ago
Shoot. I have problems finding the ON button.
Malahn 5 months ago
I think you missed the context. ;)
Doujind 5 months ago
I don?t see anything wrong with that (-:
Gujin 5 months ago
My justification is what the text actually says.
Kajigar 5 months ago
Wives and children are out of bounds for insults.
Fauzuru 4 months ago
Better 'an a thoroughbred in a turtle race.
Vocage 4 months ago
Here's what I meant:
Mabei 4 months ago
re: So infertile couples are immoral?
Grogis 4 months ago
In Scientology.List CALL YOU

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