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Religious faith can not be falsified, therefore there are no scientific theories in either book.

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Latina teens free online
Latina teens free online

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Kerr 7 months ago
You said yourself in your original comment.
Zujind 7 months ago
wishful superstitious thinking is not using logic and reason.
Fele 6 months ago
So, you don't have an answer to my questions?
Dounos 6 months ago
Nothing can be proven if you reject the proof.
Dazuru 6 months ago
Yet another septuagenarian in our government suffering from dementia.
Moogucage 6 months ago
But that's not what I've done.
Samugor 5 months ago
He is ready to do anything
Arashile 5 months ago
Wake up wake up wake up.....??????
Yozshule 5 months ago
Donnie jr could be going down.
Kikree 5 months ago
You SS MAN are so ASS'umptive.
Nak 5 months ago
Winter Soldier and Doctor strange too
Tygokus 4 months ago
It was declined due to lack of funds.
Moogujind 4 months ago
I am totally happy to hear all you say.
Shalkis 4 months ago
Lol! Wanna pass it?
Kazrashicage 4 months ago
it will hit him back soon
Zulkiramar 3 months ago
No, it hasn't been exclusive.
Moogule 3 months ago
The concern is the person is post op.
Shaktishura 3 months ago
Aww..the second lie from a CON in this thread.
Nabar 3 months ago
Do you know the muffin man? ??
Gardara 3 months ago
Haven't seen.him for some time.
Akimuro 3 months ago
Help! Help! I'm being repressed!
Kell 3 months ago
And that Pope Leon 1 quote; what?s the source?
Dukora 2 months ago
You made a claim. You can't support this claim.
Kajitaxe 2 months ago
Come on puppy,don't shitttt there,for f,,,, sake??
Fenrinris 2 months ago
A surprise at a statement I didn't make.
Mikazuru 2 months ago
Nice TRY no CIGAR! This is from 8-8-2018!
Maull 1 month ago
What makes you say they are hypocrites?
Mocage 1 month ago
What a bunch of weak minded, pathetic people.
Sharr 1 month ago
Are you god to know?
Zusida 1 month ago
Everyday in every way....
Latina teens free online

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