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I agree but it is amazing how often atheists get tripped up by the burden of proof, some going so far as to claim you can't prove a negative.

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Shaktigal 11 months ago
Well that just changes everything....not.
Akinole 11 months ago
I also recommend for you spellcheck.
Mezishakar 11 months ago
Human expansion on the ground did those.
Natilar 11 months ago
She will answer my tag eventually, she always does.
Femuro 11 months ago
He does not understand what that is.
Akinogrel 10 months ago
Hey welcome back Lovely Rita
Arashijin 10 months ago
No Atheist is one thing
Kagall 10 months ago
To what contradictions are you specifically referring to?
Arazragore 10 months ago
Atheists are not accountable to a creator. So what?
Meztikasa 9 months ago
What a unique way to...well...ummmm...participate...yeah that?s it...participate!??????
Kerr 9 months ago
From a botched curcumcision. Wow.
Yozshulabar 9 months ago
You'll stop stalking me? Promise? :)
Shaktigor 9 months ago
OK, whatever you say, sport.
Mazujinn 9 months ago
Agreed now are we done?
Vujind 9 months ago
Oh how about anyone that isn't Christian is bad?
Voodooshakar 9 months ago
Don't know why you did it.
Tygokora 8 months ago
Yet they're okay with Kevin Spacey.
Mikamuro 8 months ago
Not that EVERYTHING must have began to exist .
Akinorg 8 months ago
60% of the works every time.
Arara 7 months ago
Thanks. Me, too. lol
Mikakree 7 months ago
Hmm. So Fox News is Fake News! Shocking!
Nikree 7 months ago
Why doesn't her husband appear on camera?

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