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I've been blessed with a beautiful highly intelligent wife, 15 years my junior. Why, I do not know but I appreciate it. It keeps me out of trouble. Nonetheless I recognize that straight men will look and appreciate beautiful women without being lustful though some will drool. Yes, sex sells and FOX uses it to the hilt. So do the others and I sometimes wonder if it is a whole lot better than gay reporters tip toeing around their set and blowing kisses to the audience or an army of Rosie O'Donnells with Rachel Maddow in an amorous embrace. I always view this as a hormonal AND psychological issue for our species but like Russia that does not condone open gay expressions as legal, I insist that the kids are kept away from the pervert crap though good male and female role models are usually necessary in their development. I tell Mrs, Shaktiman that men are dogs and the media play that sex card as often as they can. She says the women reporters and anchors know exactly what they are doing. I agree. But then again sailors and truck drivers love it. I suppose I would like to see a return to the age when men were men and women were women and no one woke up in the morning and say they are "gender fluid". It is a sickness as viewed by my generation. Best regards.

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Free naked teen videos
Free naked teen videos

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Vorisar 10 months ago
Can you refute him?
Gromi 10 months ago
Thought crime literally harms nobody.
Miktilar 10 months ago
The earth is Saskatchewan
Vugul 10 months ago
Cut that shyte out.
Gardakinos 10 months ago
My shins can light up a room...
Gujin 10 months ago
Getting the flue su*ks, I had it last year
Yozshumuro 9 months ago
So long, libtard trash!
Zulucage 9 months ago
What do I win?
Fet 9 months ago
yeah , very fishy. Care to try again?
Fenrijora 9 months ago
Hey, Obama tried it.
Dinos 9 months ago
Ok .. see ya later doll!
Kajizil 8 months ago
Wait, did they have shoes and socks back then?
Kazralabar 8 months ago
Is there a better conclusion?
Tonris 8 months ago
Why not? Are you the thought police here?
Bragal 8 months ago
Family tree is bamboo
Zulkisho 8 months ago
Yes of course :)))
Kagataur 8 months ago
Son of chuckie! ???? ????
Tojajora 8 months ago
No, it really isn't. I wish it were.
Fenridal 7 months ago
Two Face, my best friends favorite Batman Villain
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