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Black dick white booty
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Having a beginning or not having a beginning, both equally minimal, yes. As for the source of that beginning, the universe being it's own source has one step less than assuming an unknown creator as a beginning.

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Black dick white booty
Black dick white booty

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Togal 7 months ago
Propaganda Bull Sh#t ! The tabloid journalists !
Doujin 7 months ago
Benn there, done that, not going back there.
Gubei 7 months ago
that shirt needs warning labels!
Vujin 7 months ago
You know what you have to do, Vaseline Boy.
Dosho 6 months ago
Heretic. Cats ARE gods.
Vudonris 6 months ago
"evolution is a fact and a theory. "
Gotaur 6 months ago
Now actually cite it.
Fek 6 months ago
At the bottom of an archaeological dig.
Samunos 6 months ago
Can't wait for the results.
Mauzahn 6 months ago
Please review it once more.
Yojind 5 months ago
That's why I prefaced it with "in short".
Vobei 5 months ago
Yeah. Shoemart did kinda miss the point though.
Malazilkree 5 months ago
yes Virginia there is a Santa-yana
Kilabar 5 months ago
Their talking points are soft and dull.
Mikashura 5 months ago
You do have incredible eyes!!!
Vulkis 5 months ago
And yet, they remain steadfastly different.
Fenritaur 4 months ago
Have you read the bible
Moogutaur 4 months ago
I believe Ohio triggers a recount at 0.5%.
Gulrajas 4 months ago
Marxism Communism Socialism? right on cue David!
Vulmaran 4 months ago
organizing around identity politics = begging for scraps.
Faegrel 4 months ago
I had a fortune cookie that said this once.
Mejora 4 months ago
You have Google, go look it up.
Fautaxe 4 months ago
Oh man you can always have this bacon
Samuro 4 months ago
Fautaur 4 months ago
Who is that ugly woman?
Maugul 4 months ago
Maybe Horny Goat Weed...:-))
JoJoshicage 3 months ago
Good. Then stop talking to me.
Black dick white booty

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