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Meztikus 11 months ago
Some Jews are good with money.
Vura 11 months ago
Where did I say anything about "criminalizing," Misha?
Fegul 11 months ago
It's in their imaginative minds.
Dunos 11 months ago
Consensus evolutionary science is politics for neo Darwinism.
Brasho 11 months ago
The fear is Trump will be caught lying....right?
Jutaur 10 months ago
The Trinity doesn't exist, so there goes that.
Gar 10 months ago
"REally that's all you got?"
Mujar 10 months ago
Just cut-and-paste where I said that
Voshura 10 months ago
Except about abortion and LGBTQ rights, in your mind.
Zutaur 10 months ago
I've heard a lot of Thanksgiving prayers.
Fenridal 10 months ago
It is an opinion, at least in this context.
Taushicage 9 months ago
" That no child would be sacrificed... "
Maura 9 months ago
He is. ?? Haha I'm in heat.
Kigazshura 9 months ago
Wonder if she is a witness for Mueller?
Dagami 9 months ago
The baker broke the law, Kayla.
Melrajas 9 months ago
Yes, Majority Of Muslims Are Peaceful!
Namuro 9 months ago
Thanks for the blessing..have a happy 4th
Magis 9 months ago
Go back and check now.....
Dujora 8 months ago
They do, in fact, appear to be homosexual
Akinonos 8 months ago
you could learn a new skill too... juggling.

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