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Bagis 7 months ago
checked real video out...moving !!
Samumi 7 months ago
Fine, busy and you.
Kilmaran 7 months ago
HIV/AIDS didn't exist back then.
Vudokree 7 months ago
Who are the outside groups?
Nigul 6 months ago
That depends on the mythos.
Dumuro 6 months ago
These are nice too
Meztir 6 months ago
Usually people who love animals, love people, I've found.
Zunos 6 months ago
And speaking of danger:
Grotaur 6 months ago
Nixon looks pretty darned clean at this point.
Vosida 6 months ago
I like that. ^
Fegar 6 months ago
Billions of us know it to be truth.
Mataxe 5 months ago
no matter how you slice it.
Mosida 5 months ago
Just Exodus is being looked at in this case.
Donris 5 months ago
nope. You have to use all of the letters.
Dilkis 5 months ago
Do you always leap before you look?
Fegore 5 months ago
have fun with work- it pays the bills.
Arashinris 5 months ago
Hii.. how are you
Vigrel 4 months ago
Please see my reply to Jorn.
Moogugami 4 months ago
Perhaps you need to be clearer.
Duzuru 4 months ago
Obviously you can?t quite follow?
Dokazahn 4 months ago
Endangered species, like the Tassie tiger??
Mekazahn 4 months ago
Got a plan for that?
Shakagor 3 months ago
Our God is awesome, and He is omniscient God......
Gardanris 3 months ago
someone that is taller than me
Nir 3 months ago
Someone should prosecute her parents.
Gor 3 months ago
Danger Will Robinson!! Work ahead. Avoid at all costs.
Meshura 3 months ago
More mammoths and a bit colder????

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