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Bagis 11 months ago
checked real video out...moving !!
Samumi 11 months ago
Fine, busy and you.
Kilmaran 11 months ago
HIV/AIDS didn't exist back then.
Vudokree 11 months ago
Who are the outside groups?
Nigul 10 months ago
That depends on the mythos.
Dumuro 10 months ago
These are nice too
Meztir 10 months ago
Usually people who love animals, love people, I've found.
Zunos 10 months ago
And speaking of danger:
Grotaur 10 months ago
Nixon looks pretty darned clean at this point.
Vosida 10 months ago
I like that. ^
Fegar 10 months ago
Billions of us know it to be truth.
Mataxe 9 months ago
no matter how you slice it.
Mosida 9 months ago
Just Exodus is being looked at in this case.
Donris 9 months ago
nope. You have to use all of the letters.
Dilkis 9 months ago
Do you always leap before you look?
Fegore 9 months ago
have fun with work- it pays the bills.
Arashinris 9 months ago
Hii.. how are you
Vigrel 9 months ago
Please see my reply to Jorn.
Moogugami 9 months ago
Perhaps you need to be clearer.
Duzuru 8 months ago
Obviously you can?t quite follow?
Dokazahn 8 months ago
Endangered species, like the Tassie tiger??
Mekazahn 8 months ago
Got a plan for that?
Shakagor 8 months ago
Our God is awesome, and He is omniscient God......
Gardanris 7 months ago
someone that is taller than me
Nir 7 months ago
Someone should prosecute her parents.
Gor 7 months ago
Danger Will Robinson!! Work ahead. Avoid at all costs.
Meshura 7 months ago
More mammoths and a bit colder????

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