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From: Mozilkree
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Added:8 months ago
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Yep. I?ll never understand the logic of not requiring an Id to vote. I have to have one to work, a bill or buy a beer. Who are we kidding?

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Nirisar 8 months ago
Pretty sure it was Star Wars.
Taugis 8 months ago
Mmm....steak, baked potato, Texas toast and salad.
Faerg 8 months ago
You should have showed the other side
Tygorn 8 months ago
Stay triggered. Your tears are tasty.
Vojinn 7 months ago
Wait upon the Lord, faith, you know. Otherwise what?
Yozshusida 7 months ago
is it stealing from free-riders?
Daimi 7 months ago
THAT Is A GOOD suggestion.
Bramuro 7 months ago
right to work... to death.
Gacage 7 months ago
Yeah, I'm reminded of this:
Barg 7 months ago
Morning Luv, how are you
Shakagor 7 months ago
What do you think about this?
Voodoomi 7 months ago
You forgot the part of religious persecution moron
Kazilkree 6 months ago
"The Father never should have pushed him."
Voodooran 6 months ago
a shot in the dark
Kelkis 6 months ago
Lol, this guy does not think astronomy involes physics
Akikora 6 months ago
I pretty much agree with your sentiment.
Faektilar 6 months ago
It's pretty humid hear in Florida too.
Shalkis 6 months ago
Yeah. That's exactly what I argued.
Mautaur 5 months ago
They both do that.
Moll 5 months ago
What type of game?
Kicage 5 months ago
Is there a question?
Mecage 4 months ago
Well, you'd lose that bet.
Ninris 4 months ago
I just call it Humberto.
Tauzuru 4 months ago
Yeah all of us are replaceable with technological overlords.
Melkis 4 months ago
You seem to be missing the point.
Dacage 4 months ago
Sorta like if Sideshow Bob straightened his hair ;)
Donos 4 months ago
"...share a room with a transgender WOMAN"
Kegrel 4 months ago
Why? Did she have a furry cleft chin?

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