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Mujin 4 months ago
LOL, good for you.
Dazshura 3 months ago
There is always a Judge assigned to the case.
Vilkis 3 months ago
Has he told you he would teach about jihad?
Gardacage 3 months ago
I'm surprised an adult star did this commercial.
Milmaran 3 months ago
So you're not insulted. Premise disproved.
Arashijora 2 months ago
How about marrying this forlorn atheist? ?? ??
Faelkree 2 months ago
Do I smell sedition???
Nerg 2 months ago
Awe not my Mom...
Kaganris 2 months ago
I'll keep that in mind, thanks
Dujinn 2 months ago
Big Kitty's had enough.
Moogurn 1 month ago
and that proves absolutely nothing.
Gutaxe 1 month ago
I never made any such claim.
Goltishakar 1 month ago
Woohoo, write me one, and it's more?? for me!
Vudosho 1 month ago
Him again?We just got rid of him at
Yozshujinn 1 month ago
Your anus, prepare it!
Samulabar 1 month ago
Nope. There are no pastors in God's Kingdom.
Danos 3 weeks ago
You and I are messengers of the dreamtime.
Dizahn 2 weeks ago
Where did I say ANYTHING about the Constitution?
Meztiramar 1 week ago
Who gives and who receives the head bonk?
Kisho 1 week ago
Awkward Arguments is the name of the channel.
Moogugore 5 days ago
Well, so you know it's the Wife.

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