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American Pie Sex Videos
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Everyone has faith, just in different things. For instance, you have faith that some things "when analyzed rationally cannot possibly be true." Here, you are practically making the 'rational analyzer' a god who cannot be refuted.

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American Pie Sex Videos
American Pie Sex Videos

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Tygogis 7 months ago
Bias the reader for? Or against?
Tygokus 7 months ago
In what? ADHD... Squirrel??
Bara 7 months ago
Ah hah. I did not know that.
Mezitilar 6 months ago
That is funny, but the truth.
Mahn 6 months ago
depends on what you consider evidence of course.
Dahn 6 months ago
Only the Church is Universal
Fegul 6 months ago
More ways than one?????
Fenribar 6 months ago
Was that supposed to be in English?
Zululabar 6 months ago
Lollll I love you too!!!
Faushakar 6 months ago
Beaner Lives Matter too.
Zulugore 5 months ago
? ??? ? ????? ?? ???? ??? ????, ...
Brataxe 5 months ago
EggSaladSandwichMan is a giant obnoxious moron. You'll see
Meztit 5 months ago
Good Ol Norman the Lunatic. Perfect answer
Juzahn 5 months ago
bring it on Brother.
Tell 4 months ago
Very wise words Tommy!
Zolodal 4 months ago
Get used to it.
Nalkree 4 months ago
Easy sugar...I?m just funnin ??????
Karan 4 months ago
What are you claiming?
Shaktijinn 4 months ago
The ice cream man? ??
Gardalar 4 months ago
A good Christian becomes an atheist.
Gugore 4 months ago
Europe made major concessions today. WINNING!

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