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And when Trump found out his staff was dirty did he acknowledge it, apologize for hiring such a scum bag, take action to fire him? No he denied it and still does.

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Bikini en gratis modelos tanga y
Bikini en gratis modelos tanga y

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Tetaxe 8 months ago
Yet, no one has proven your god.
Mabar 8 months ago
Science not your game?
Meztishura 7 months ago
I was just trolling. Did your head asplode?
Shacage 7 months ago
Yes, I always do exactly as you said, THANKS!
Dara 7 months ago
None of those answer the question asked though.
Kagataur 7 months ago
You went full retard never go full retard.
Mazugore 7 months ago
What a surprise. /s
Malakinos 7 months ago
Religion isn't meaningless to us. Your god is.
Zulukora 6 months ago
oh my, fascists, commies, socialists, [email protected], oh my!
Nar 6 months ago
Course I do. Thanks for your assessment.
Nira 6 months ago
Everyone has an opinion... :b
Fenrilkis 6 months ago
It's out of utter frustration.
Kajirr 6 months ago
Check out ?The Pharo?s Pump?
Tygogami 6 months ago
Awesome, glad to hear it.
Misar 5 months ago
to go to the bathroom...?
Majinn 5 months ago
A little too late for that
Fedal 5 months ago
Bring it on, douchebag.
Zolozuru 5 months ago
I don't get the mallard duck.
Zulkigar 5 months ago
I gotta say.....thats a great reply.
Kazrajas 4 months ago
Stars are made out of the elements, right?
Masho 4 months ago
Considering that you just blew my aka,.......
Kazigar 4 months ago
I just did, two posts up.
Sataxe 4 months ago
Boris from the UK I suppose :0 )
Vishura 4 months ago
closest is good enough? like horseshoes?
Faeshakar 4 months ago
Didn't want the blood drawing too many bugs.
Dataur 3 months ago
your pretty cool ;D i salute to u to!
Sharamar 3 months ago
Can't have it both ways for yourselves leftys .....
Narisar 3 months ago
Possibly, but it makes little difference.
Zulusar 3 months ago
You speak from experience or are you speaking nonsense?
Bikini en gratis modelos tanga y

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