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Taushicage 9 months ago
Sometimes I guess we are religious and not spiritual
Kajirn 9 months ago
How is your day? Where are you from?
Shaktirg 9 months ago
Now kindly tell us your answers.
Mezizahn 8 months ago
At least he pays his porn stars.
Nishicage 8 months ago
Awww how nice to say that!?
Kizilkree 8 months ago
You like only slow songs?
Mazumuro 8 months ago
Which brings us back to your invincible disbelief.
Tusho 8 months ago
do you mean 100,000?
Mukora 8 months ago
Like women, except the rodent bit.
Dale 8 months ago
How do you know?
Gobar 7 months ago
where does it talk about the Big Bang.
Tozilkree 7 months ago
Faith closes the mind. It is pure idol worship.
Kishicage 7 months ago
Oh no, I believe he's all knowing.
Goltidal 7 months ago
What lies are you talking about????
Yojas 7 months ago
Well, just put a machine gun then.
Meziktilar 6 months ago
I bet it has a wiener.
Arashizshura 6 months ago
They can no longer have single-gender sports teams too?

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